Logo and site name "Stuff by delle"
A watercolor painting of some evergreen trees

Favorite Materials

Watercolors | Daniel Smith and Schminke
Acrylics | Chroma Atelier
Color Pencils| Faber-Castell Polychromos
Liners | Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens
Paper | Fabriano Artistico HP
Digital | Procreate & Affinity Designer
Clay | Ave's & Sculpy products

Hey there!!

I'm Valen A. Waddell, also known as "Delle". I'm a transmasc artist living in MD with my hubby, our reptiles, and cats. Among my interests are all things arty and crafty, animals, nature walks, and video games.Growing up with cartoons/animated movies of the 80's/90's ignited a spark and started me on an artistic journey at a young age. Bright colors and cute characters dominate my work. Mostly self taught, I like to just grab new supplies and test them out.Have any questions about materials or anything, feel free to send them on over!

Favorite Places for Art Supplies

Gorgeous supplies, handle your order with care, and I get my packages from them super fast! Despite them being overseas.If you click on the title, I'll receive a small commission on any order you place at no extra cost to you. New customers also receive 10% off their first order!

Great prices on a lot of favorites. And their house brand American Journey watercolors are pretty fantastic. My usual go to site when I want something quick and affordable.

I have one not far from me and they are the most welcoming and cozy art supply shops I've been to. Shoutout to the one in Baltimore specifically.

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